The world is actively exploring a new mode of tourism track. The first World Tourism Track Congress was held in Xi'an in early 2019. It is the first time for the whole country to put forward the development of the tourism track, which contains exploring a mode of integrated development between tourism and track, vigorously developing the whole-area tourism, and realizing the large-scale tourism pattern of panoramic coverage, industry development, seasonal experience and social participation. Therefore, the concept of "land cruise" came into being. The first International "Land Cruise" Concept Train Design Award in 2019 takes the rail train as the carrier, takes us to explore the unknown scenery and cultural exchange in a more comfortable way, and steers towards a new Silk Road. The first "land cruise" is about to set sail, and you will be the excellent designer of the concept of "tourism+ track" and unlock the new tourism mode in an all-round way and lead the new fashion of tourism track.

I. Individual participation or Team participation (no more than 3 participants)

II. The number of entries for each ……

Concept train design of "land cruise" needs to complete the following specific design directions, including but not limited ……

I. The submitted works must include the following contents (Click "read the original" at the end of the article to download ……

17:00 on October 31, 2019

(The entry qualification is subject to the submission time of the email)

International Land Cruise Design Award Organizing Committee

Secretary General: Wang Lu

Permanent Secretary General: Xu Lixia 

Under-Secretary General: Zou Xiuying

Official Contact of Organizing Committee: Yao Wenrong, Shen Yimin

Entrance Award (*10): Certificate Judge Recommendation Award(*10): Certificate Partner Awards (* Several): Grant the Certificates to the award organizations, cooperative enterprises and sponsorship enterprises. Excellent Organizational Awards (* Several): Grant the Certificates to academies, parks, platforms and other organizations that actively participate in the collection of works. Note: All the above prizes are pre-tax.

I. The selected works will be exhibited and released at the Second World Tourism Track Congress. II. The selected team or individual will attend the award ceremony and get the chance of personal interview. III. The selected team or individual will be certified by a professional institution; IV. The selected team or individual will have the opportunity to participate in the "Land Cruise" field visit project.

Alessandro Colombo

Board of directors of IDEA

Cen Moshi

Associate professor of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts

Chen Tao
Director of The Department of
Industrial Design of The Unive-
rsity of Shanghai for Sience and

Grazia Longo

Italian Project Designer

He Jiong

Chairman of Shanghai Design Week Investment Management co., LTD

Jiang Hong
Professor of the institute of psychology and behavioral sciences of Shanghai jiao tong university

Terence Lai

Co-founder of Shanghai Spacelogic International ltd. Co. and China’s CreateNetwork association

Li cheng

Deputy director of academic affairs of Suzhou Art&Design Technology Institute

I. All registration materials must be complete, otherwise the participants do not qualify for the award. II. Designers and teams participating in the collection must respect the intellectual property rights of others, create independently in the design, and do not copy or plagiarize other's design results, infringe upon other's intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights. If participants do so, they shall bear their own responsibility. III. All the intellectual property rights of the entries belong to the organizer. The organizer has the right to promote, display, publish and other forms of promotion and propaganda of the scheme. Except authorized by the organizer, no unit, individual or third party may redesign, produce, sell, publicize, publish, exhibit or other forms of promotion and propaganda of the works of the award. Otherwise, the organizer has the right to pursue legal liability.

2019 The First International Land Cruise Concept Train Design Award Entry